10 Best Skateboard Backpacks For Skateboard Gears In 2018

Backpack act as a jewel for the skaters because while skating they want to carry all of their valuable stuff with them and this can only be possible with the backpacks.

A backpack is important to protect your stuff from damage and more importantly your skateboard. It makes your life easier especially when planned a long trip with your friends.

Skateboard Backpacks are quite different then regular backpacks that's why you can use them anywhere whether it is school, college or hiking.

They provide much space, sturdy straps to carry all your sports gear as well as college stuff. Backpack also reliefs the burden of carrying sports gear while skating which help to get you in the spirit of skateboarding.

Keeping your valuables safe and secure is the aim of a good backpack, actually it is the thing which you should always have while cruising. 

Let's move forward to see the necessity of skateboard backpack.... 

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Skateboard Backpack

1. Multipurpose use for any activity

Here we are talking about using backpacks during skateboarding, but you can even use them while going for hiking, overseas trip, school, colleges or meetings. It offers multipurpose use of the pack. 

Along with skateboard, you can fill your notebook while going to college, clothes while going for hiking and laptops and other gadgets when going to a meeting.

They are good for using in any activity suiting all the requirements you need in a backpack by carrying all your stuff properly. 

2. Keeping gears in an organised way

The best skateboard backpacks feature lot's of roomy compartments to keep your necessities in an organised way.

There's a laptop compartment for keeping your laptop safely, then a big compartment behind laptop compartment to keep your notebooks, clothes. Two side pockets for keeping water bottles, a front pouch for sunglass, keys or other loose items. 

Well, every backpack features different compartments, but overall every pack gives space for keeping your stuff in an organised way so that whenever you need them, you get them on time because you know where you have put your sunglasses or keys or books.

3. Protect your stuff

As backpack has padded linning, secure zippered pockets because of which your keeps stuffs are safe.

The skateboard is secured properly within the two straps and your laptop in the padded laptop compartment.

Every item are in their proper place; you don't have to worry about losing them or getting any damage.

4. Valuable during bad climate

Some backpacks are water resistant means you can use them when the rainy season is on its way. Some are waterproof whom you can use during bad weather condition which keeps all your valuable stuff properly. 

A waterproof bag doesn't allow water inside the pack no matter how much worse the climate is. During the rainy season when it's an urgency to go somewhere at that time waterproof backpacks are the best thing you should have. 

5. Cruising without any worry

The main features of the best skateboard backpacks are to give you comfortability while cruising.

When you cruise around the street you are bare hand still you have all your stuff in your back which won't make you feel that you are carrying a heavy load on your back.

The lightweight and comfortable backpack let you enjoy cruising without any difficulty.

There are lots of backpacks available in the market with numerous design, features.

Below are some of the most demanded backpack, with their features, qualities, pros and cons. If you find any of them relatable to your ideal backpack, then you should have that backpack quickly. 

Best Skateboard Backpacks

Sector 9 Pursuit backpack is specially made for fitting longboards due to which it is categorised in the list of best longboard backpack.

It is designed to carry heaviest items, and you can put every gear of skateboarding plus other items too in this bag.

It has a large, padded laptop pocket, insulated cooler pocket in the bottom, three skateboard strap and a music player pocket.

The material is highly durable, and the bag has a wide variety of exterior and interior pockets and a removable carrying case.

Best Skateboard Backpacks

The carrying case is used to keep books, headphones, laptop. It also drives large main compartment and a touch-sensitive phone front pocket.

In the summertime when you go for hiking the major consent is heat and that time you need chill water so for that Sector 9 Pursuit has insulated cooler pocket for keeping your water or beer cold and has a music player pocket for music fun.

It is made from a high-quality 100-percent polyester textured fabric along with nylon webbing straps which will tightly hold the board.

Side pockets are not made for keeping water bottles also the stitching is loose.

The biggest con is its high price as compared to other backpacks, and there's no support on the bottom due to which the board slips.

Also, there is mixed thinking about the bag's strap strength. Some say it is highly durable and some said they are not worth it.


  • Three straps for carrying board easily
  • large main compartment


  • Straps are cheap
  • The larger size makes it bulky too

You don't need to re-adjust the buckles every time once fixed it is secured in it' place. The Sector 9 is one of the best skateboard backpacks available in the market. 

Eastsport brands are engaged in making ideal skater backpack which suite needs of skaters giving them enough space to carry all the necessities they want to.

It is equipped with lot's of inner compartments along with two side mesh pockets to hold your sports drink. 

The straps ensure that the board stay secure and safe. 

It has one spacious primary compartment with a slightly smaller interior pocket which holds laptop tightly. 

Best Skateboard Backpacks

It weighs around 1.5 pounds and has cushioned back panel to provide you more support and comfort and reduce stress on your shoulder, neck, and back area. The dual velcro skater compression straps carry skateboards securely. 

It is made from 100% durable polyester, and it has a beautiful design which is comes in 4 colors. It is a waterproof bag, and the material is capable enough to protect it from other damages.

It comes with features that suit every skateboarder and its budget-friendly price make this product the best skateboard backpacks.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee so you can replace it anytime you want. The bag is made in a way to secure your skateboard or longboard for longer distance without any trouble even in those times when you have overloaded your backpack.

It lacks separate compartments and the laptop compartment is not padded. Side pockets didn't work well for keeping water bottles in its place, chances are there that bottles might toss out. The short patch of velcro doesn't give much space for adjusting.


  • Cushioned back panel for comfort
  • Padded shoulder straps for support
  • Functional compartments with durability


  • Not enough small pockets
  • Velcro doesn't extend much

You can easily use this backpack to take with you during lectures or meetings. The oversized main zip compartment can carry your laptop securely.

The rubberised top handle and ultra padded shoulder straps give you good comfortability.

Element Mohave is an affordable backpack with good features and cool design.

The big logo of Element in the front makes it eye-catching.

The bag is made from 100% polyester and has polyester linning too.

It is lightweight, comfortable and easy to wash product which gives plenty of storage space.

There is a front zipper pocket, side zipper pockets and two buckle straps at the front.

Best skateboard backpack

The straps can hold a 40" skateboard. It features zippered side pockets with a drop sleeve for your sunglass and an internal laptop pocket.

It is a water-resistant backpack which store every gear you want to along with your board.

The bag can hold up to 30L of weight and has padded shoulder sternum strap with unique latch and release straps. You can adjust the straps according to the items you are filling in the bag.

The bag has a sturdy material and allows you to keep every valuable item in this without any hesitation of losing those items. It works great for enjoying skateboarding while going to school or college.

If you want this for your child then you should add an extra strap to secure the bag tightly to their body because some customers said that the straps don't hold the board tightly because it slips off and they have to re-adjust it again and again.

Also, there's no padding in the straps which cause discomfort when using it for longer times. For some, it is smaller than other backpacks, and there are chances of damaging when rubbed in the rough surface while skateboarding.


  • Good storage space
  • Pouch for sunglasses
  • Solid construction and easy to carry around


  • The need of an extra strap
  • Chances of damage

Overall you can use it as a skateboard or longboard backpack, take it out for camping, to your school, anywhere. The design is robust and can be used for longer durations making it best skateboard backpacks for everyday usage.

A budget-friendly backpack which is made of 100% Polyester ensuring maximum durability and comfort. It is made to hold the capacity of 27L with the dimension of 44.5cm x 30cm x 15cm.

With the dedicated laptop storage, a large main compartment and two secure straps on the front you can take it to your school, travelling or workplace.

It features ergonomic shoulder harness and an adjustable Sternum strap giving full comfort.

Best skateboard backpack

It has a small front zipper pocket to store items behind your board and two zippered side pockets for bottles.

It gives a lifetime warranty, and the padded sleeves secure your laptop safely. It has a sunglasses or goggles pocket which is not 100% lined with soft material.

It is not a waterproof bag, it is water resistant means water slides of the outer material, but during heavy rain, it is not the best bag.

This bag works great for weekend trips, and it can easily fit your clothes, laptop and little items. The straps in the front can carry boards having deck size of somewhat 9.5".

There are complaints that the material grabs dirt easily, pockets are too loose because of which they overhang. It is not a waterproof bag so you can't use it in bad weather condition.


  • Webbing feature
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Fleece-lined sleeve


  • Not waterproof
  • Catches dirt easily

With the lifetime warranty feature and numerous external accessory pockets, this backpack is worth the price.

A perfect backpack to fit your 15" laptop, sunglasses, bottles, books, etc. The thin rubber linning material makes it a waterproof product.

It is versatile means you can use it for the trip, school, meeting, etc. It has two mesh pouch for carrying water bottles, a well fitting back panel and shoulder strap combo.

The sternum strap and unique design of the shoulder straps give great comfortability. This pack is designed to carry heavy loads.

Best skateboard backpack

At the top of the bag, the shoulder straps sit flat and comfortably over the shoulders. With the single main compartment, it has two other large pockets, fleece lined sunglasses pocket and a small top pocket for MP3 player or keys.

If you are hiking lover, then you must use this pack because it can carry your clothes, rainwear and everything else you need for hiking.

Regarding style, it is a regular backpack, but yes it comes in 15 different colors and patterns. You can easily attach your electric skateboards in it, no matter how heavy your board is.

In case of laptop safety, it has no securing strap in laptop compartment due to which you have to fill other compartments entirely otherwise there will be movement in the laptop compartment.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in carrying handle on the shoulder straps


  • large bulky laptop protection sleeve

It is a large and comfortable bag designed for mainly college going students and but make sure to add extra protection for laptop compartment. Overall we can say it is the best skateboard backpacks. 

Dakine Lid features an adjustable cord closure for the main compartment under the top flap instead of a zipper.

It is meant for college students giving them padded interior compartment for holding a 15" laptop.

It has skateboard carry straps and zippered side pockets well you can take them to camp, tour, casual meeting.

It has a padded back and shoulder straps giving comfort when holding for a longer duration.

Best skateboard backpack

There are two tall zippered exterior side pockets, two internal zippered pockets and buckles and straps on the cover instead of a zipper.

The 26L backpack is made of 100 percent polyester material offering multi-functional pocket in the interior. It is an affordable backpack which resistant to damages.

The main compartment is roomy, the lid is suitable for small items, and two side pouch can be filled with may items.

There's no large front pocket for keeping sunglasses or other loose items. According to a reviewer, the stitching is bursting.


  • Lightweight
  • Functional pockets
  • Tall side pockets


  • Buckles closed/no zipper
  • Lack of durability

Someone who travels to far places or other countries it is the best skateboard backpacks for them because it can easily carry there all necessities.

Dakine’s Mission backpack is the most comfortable pack while cruising. Skaters who use a skateboard in their every day to day life then it must be a perfect choice for them.

When cruising in the street you need something which won't make you feel a heavy load on your back.

It is available in numerous color, and design and the material of the bag vary from different patterns most are made from 600D polyester.

Best skateboard backpack

It features a removable strap drop which makes it easy to carry around with you. It has padded iPad sleeve to keep your laptop securely.

The broad straps of Mission secure to the pack shell giving more excellent durability. The front compartment provides lot's of space; there's a zippered pouch, fleece lined sleeves for wallet, one fleece-lined sunglass or goggle pocket on the side.

The thin fleece feels terrible to dry skin. Some reviewers complained that the color of the bag doesn't look like in the picture.


  • Comfortable straps
  • Sturdy construction
  • Removable straps


  • Inaccurate colors

Overall it is durable enough to last, cushioning straps gives great support, can store all kind of devices making it the best skateboard backpacks.

Dakine Duel is a versatile backpack made of 100% Polyester ensuring maximum durability and comfort. The meshed side pockets are smaller than expected. It comes in various colors and at a decent price.

The padded laptop sleeve can store up to a 14” inch laptop, and the insulated cooler pocket keeps everything cool for at least more than 2 hours.

It comes with multiple compartments to organise your stuff and has a simple yet elegant design. 

Best skateboard backpack

It is a waterproof pack and also has small sunglass pocket on the top for the time when you keep leaving them in an emergency.

The padding at the back doesn't cause pain to your back. It is one of the best investments you'll ever make. It features a perfect number of compartments to keep everything properly.

If you're going on longer trips that time you can only keep two o.5 litre bottles in the side pocket. The upper pocket flips upside down dropping everything inside the pocket on the ground.


  • large space
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Organiser pocket


  • floppy pocket
  • Smaller meshed side pocket

Well, it is very comfortable to wear, no matter how much stuff you carry. In short, the pack has a minor issue which can be solved if you use it with little concern. Overall it is the best skateboard backpacks.

It is made of 600D polyester, and there is double stitching on the bags making sure that the bad lasts for longer time.

 It features laptop compartment where you can keep the 15-inch laptop. It can hold weight up to 19 litres.

The padding on the back panel gives comfort to your back no matter how much weight you carry.

It can comfortably fit longer size board. It has dual zippered front pockets, padded shoulder straps and back panel.

Best skateboard backpack

The downside is it doesn't have a side pocket to carry your water bottles. It is not the most durable one as stated by reviewers.


  • Dual Hook & Loop Straps
  • Great comfort


  • Thin material
  • No side pocket

Overall it is a decent product to buy when you are on a tight budget.

Last but not the least we have another discovery of Dakine...

and this time it is for women's, Dakine Women's Mission Backpack.

It is the best skateboard backpacks to use it anywhere mainly for school, college or meeting times. The 25L bag is roomy to keep all your gadget and other stuff properly.

It features lined side pouch as goggle compartment, padded laptop compartment which can store 15" laptop. 

Best skateboard backpack

The 25L pack is very lightweight and durable, and it is something that won't disturb you while skateboarding.

It is a backpack that can hold laptop, textbooks, everything comfortably without being too large. 

The waist strap is permanently attached to the pack they take some of the weight off your shoulders but if you want you can leave it to unbuckle without getting any problem or clip them together and set them behind you.

The downside is only that some reviewers received inappropriate not as mentioned in the picture and also it doesn't have water bottle pocket.


  • Lightweight
  • Lot's of compartment


  • No side pocket for bottles

Overall it is affordable, lightweight pack for anyone who uses it for skateboarding, to snowboarding, to hiking, and even, going to class. It reliefs your tension of carrying all the things in an organised way.

Final Verdict -

A perfect backpack becomes the part of a skaters life and travelling without them is like losing something in the home. Having the best skateboard backpacks is very difficult which fits your needs perfectly.

Still I have tried my best to find some of the best skateboard backpacks that are getting great response in the market. 

If you have any query related to this article then feel free to ask. 

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