Best Skateboard Knee Pads For Superior Protection

You can only enjoy skateboarding when you know that even if you fall there is something which will protect you from every hardcore injuries.

Once in a while, you or your kid might get tired of hurting again and again and may be thinking that skateboarding is not your cup of tea. But that's not true; injuries make people more strong it's just that you should know how to protect yourselves from getting hurt.

You should get yourself the protective gears which will keep you safe and gives you the freedom to enjoy the experience of skateboarding.

You should always carry your gears along with you, and for the time when you are not using your skateboard at that time you should carry backpacks to keep your gears safe in that.

So for you here I have listed some of the most demanded best skateboard knee pads on the market. The list consists of some complete sets (knee, elbow and wrist saver set) and some are only knee pads.

They all are made of a highly durable material which protects your hands, elbows, and knees, offering excellent shock resistance as well as comfort for wearing all day.

But before going to choose the best skateboard knee pads, you might know some of the factors which makes a knee pad best of all.

Factors to be Considered for Best Skate Knee Pads -

Choosing the right knee pads will protects you from injuries, prevent excess strain on the knee while working some hard work.

Also, some doctor recommends knee pads as pain management or pain reliever. Some knee pads have compression effects due to which they alleviate pain. 

1. Material Quality

Material determines the protection offered to the kneecap or elbows. You have to see whether the material of your pad is resistance to impact or not.

The best skateboard knee pads offer superior quality of material which absorbs sweat so that you stay cool and protects you from injury.

Your pad should have a hard exterior material and soft interior material so that it won't feel bulky still provides you protection when in contact with surfaces.

The inner shell contains gel, neoprene foam, polyethene foam, EVA materials. Choose the material which will be comfortable and sturdy.

2. Right size for the Right fit

Well, talking about size every product has a different sizing chart. For knowing the right size, you should first ask the makers or other reviewers about the proper details of the sizing chart.

After that, you should purchase the one which will fit you snugly. Still, you should know that a tight fitting knee pad will restrict your movement and makes you uncomfortable. And a too loose knee pad won't protect you wisely.

So choose the one which will fit you properly.

3. Comfortability

Whatever kneecaps you are choosing, choose the one which gives you comfortability while wearing.

The comfort comes from the inner lining and cushioning. The product must be breathable and wicking sweat so that you can wear it comfortably all day. 

4. Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps make the pads fit snugly, and you can adjust them as per your needs and make it a proper fitting. The knee pads come with adjustable straps, fasteners, buckles, and Velcro.

But adjustable straps are better because it is easy to put on and remove and stays in place.

Now lets move forward to see.....

10 Best Skateboard Knee Pads -

JBM International Knee pads are the most purchased products on Amazon with high ratings.

It increases your skating level to the infinity mode. It is made of durable and softer easy standard material which has robust plastic plates.

The 3 in 1 gear guards knees, elbows, and wrists.

The unique design of the pads catches the attraction of people. 

best skateboard knee pads

It is equipped with several adjustable elastic straps and Velcro closures which makes them adaptable to fit on any body size.

It is also best for inline skating and available in two different sizes, for adults as well as for youth. The PE foam and PP plastic material ensure to protect you from injuries whether you are skating or bike riding.

This gear set offers the product with better safety which allows everyone to enjoy the ride without fear of getting hurt. It proves to be the best skateboard knee pads for newbies and children's because for them the risk of danger is higher.

Although it has lot's of great reviews on Amazon still some people faced problems with this product. The elastics on top of the pads start ripping off after some time, and there's a lot of complaint about wrong measuring size.


  • Comfortable, durable and lightweight
  • Secure properly
  • Washable


  • Cheap internal construction
  • Size misconseption

Equipped with a pair of skateboard elbow pads, knee pads and wrist pads and you can use them for any sports. It comes with 1-year warranty, and it serves excellently for skateboarders who love tricks. 

It has impact-absorbing RPT pads which protect you from every kind of accidents.

The pads can bend as much as you want and on collision, it becomes hard giving you great protection. 

The pads are made with a comfortable sleeve which helps them to stay in place.

It is a breathable material which wicks moisture from the sun so you can comfortably wear them at high temperature.

best skateboard knee pads

G-Form offers a wide range of sizing to get the right fit. You can wear them and go for skateboarding without fear of having a bulky moving material on your knee. It gives you the freedom to perform tricks easily.

It is machine washable so you can wash them in the machine with the rest of your clothes. It is an excellent pad which can be comfortably used by anyone. 

Some minor points are; they are identical pads because of which either pad can go on either leg. If you are riding real low to the ground, then wear pads with hard plastic claps.


  • Not bulky
  • lots of sizing options
  • Protect on impact without bulk
  • Breathable sleeve


  • Identical pads

G-Form makes the pad that skateboarder can appreciate. They are entirely comfortable to move on giving the ultimate impact protection! 

With an affordable price, the Triple 8 Saver Series provides a great way to protect you from every wound. Ideal for beginners skateboarders.

It is equipped with Kneesaver Knee Pads, Elbowsaver Elbow Pads and Wristsaver Wrist Guards, all in one pack.

Without any restricted movements, the pads give superior protection.

They are made of high-grade durable fabrics having EVA foam padding offering greater safety.

best skateboard knee pads

Every pad contains Polycarbonate full coverage tops which keep you safe.

The Wristsaver is snug, and stretchy fit, the Elbowsaver and the Kneesaver is a breathable, easy on/off the pad, all of them will boost your skateboarding confidence to a new level. 

Most of the reviewer's complaint about getting the wrong size, so before purchasing see the sizing chart correctly then only invest your money. Some even said that it only provides basic protection.


  • Machine washed and air dry quickly
  • Stay in place
  • Polycarbonate coverage caps


  • Elastic is not worth
  • Not true to size

It is the best skate knee pads in the market, offering greater protection to your elbow, wrist and knee, letting you enjoy your skateboarding experience to the fullest. Overall it is a decent quality set of protectors at a very reasonable price. 

PRO-TEC is usually known for making best protective gears in the market, and these knee pads can absorb any shock that will apply to your knees and protect it from severe cuts and scrapes.

The knee pads are made in a way that it won't collect sweat which is why you can wear them for a longer time.

They are made of high-grade nylon material which is extremely durable and won’t rip easily.

best skateboard knee pads

The breathable pad has stretchy fabric which won’t restrict your movements. Infront of the knee pad, there's a hard protective cup made of lightweight polycarbonate fabric which stays in place.

With the PRO-TEC you will easily learn new tricks without any worry of getting hurt. It is available in five different sizes to fit on your knees properly.

It only protects knees and doesn't serve as aid supporting the knees after injury. It is not machine washable.


  • Nylon fabric provides freedom
  • Adjustable velcros


  • Size issue

Pro-Tec Street Knee Pads is one of the great product of the company. It stays on a place with two adjustable straps on the top and bottom of the knee pad. Its features make it the best skateboard knee pads. 

JBM Multi-Sport Protective Gear is the most attractive looking gear loved by everyone. The charming look makes someone turn around their head to you.

The 3-in-1 deal comes in small and medium size and made of super soft EVA material that keeps you comfortable while riding.

The hard external plastic plates protect you from impacts.

The breathable absorbing fabric keeps you cool while the adjustable straps make sure that you got the perfect fit.

best skateboard knee pads

It is great for sports such as skateboarding, cycling, skating, and many more. It offers superior protection to hands, elbows, and knees because of the high-strength PP and PE materials used in this pad. The wrist guard lets you enjoy skating while protecting you from injuries. 

There are reviews of pads running small or too big size so choose your size wisely before hitting the buy button. Also, the adjustable straps are not fitting some users properly.


  • Attractive look
  • Great protection


  • Wrong size

Perfect for action sports fanatic who wants a flexible and suitable pad which protect them from injuries. 

Another great product of JBM that is JBM Adult BMX Protective Gear Set.

It is equipped with pads to protect your knees, wrists, and elbows from wounds. The pads are designed with tough and solid PP and PE materials.

The breathable polyester sleeves offers the most comfortable riding without any worry.

The non-slip flexible straps stays on place that fits on everyone perfectly.

best skateboard knee pads

It is a high-quality equipment that provides superior impact resistance along with being lightweight and durable.

This invention is mainly for outdoor BMX riding but you can also use it for skating and other sports.

The durable material, soft EVA padded material and tough plastic plates made this product a best skateboard knee pads along with wrist guard and elbow saver.

As some reviewers complaint that they are durable enough to withstand hard injuries and also they got a small size.


  • Good construction
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit


  • Cheap fabric and elastic 
  • Sizing issue

With proper adjustment it sticks to your body perfectly giving your body space to breath. They are good to investment your money on them although some reviewers might have some issue with them still they serve as a best skate pads. 

The Pro-Tec Street Knee and Elbow Pad Set are safe and comfortable to wear during skateboarding.

They comes in different size so you can pick yourself the right one. It is ideal for both professionals and beginners.

They give greater level of protection from high-impacts. The pads are made from highly durable material becasue of which they rip off easily.

best skateboard knee pads

It is equipped with 2 knee pads and 2 elbow pads and made from full coverage ABS hard caps and EVA cap soft foam which wicks sweat and reduces impact.

It is durable due to the strong and flexible lycra and the ballistic nylon fabrics. The hook and loop straps provides you the right protection while staying in place.

The EVA foam’s ergonomic construction gives you the comfort and breathebiity which you want. 

The buyers only complaint about he size issue so please make sure to check the right size before purchasing your order.


  • lightweight and flexible
  • EVA foam construction
  • Resistant to impact


  • Size issue

It is great for beginners who fall from skateboards many time while performing tricks as the pads are made of highly durable materials. It deserves to be in the place of best skateboard knee pads.

As I said earlier PRO-TEC are known for making best skateboard knee pads so here comes another invention of PRO-TEC which is Pro-Tec Black Street Kids Skateboarding Protection Set.

It is best solution to keep your children injury free.

As the name suggest it is mainly for kids under 5 years to 10 years old. It offers complete protection without restricting movement.

best skateboard knee pads

The hard curved cap allows better fit and protection. The pad is made for protecting your childs wrists, elbows and knees from severe injuries.

It has a combination of thick and thin padding with an ergonomic design that locks in for perfect fit and protection. 

Getting the right size is litle difficult but once did, movement with them on was easy as well.


  • High-grade durable fabrics
  • EVA cup foam
  • Full coverage caps


  • Sizing issue
  • Not good for professionals

The pads will make your kids comfortable and protects them from bad injuries which they will face while skateboarding.

Triple 8 KP 22 serves as a best skateboard knee pad for those skaters who always involved in tricking or cruising around the street or park.

It can also be used for inline skating and roller derby.

The pads are made of heavy duty EVA memory foam to give maximum impact absorption and neoprene butterfly closure for the perfect fit.

It was designed in a way to provide sufficient protection during skating. The butterfly style makes it easy to wear and remove.

best skateboard knee pads

It has a flat cup design which gives durability and stability. It comes with more padding and is available in a variety of sizes. It has the great ability to absorb a lot of shocks.

Some reviewers complained that they are bulky and the sizing chart is also wrong.


  • Unique padded design
  • Heavy duty EVA memory foam
  • Webbed adjustable straps


  • Bulky

It is the perfect gift which gives a high level of protection and with a unique padded design for optimal comfort and protection.

It is one of the best skateboard knee pads in the market. Pro Derby is known for offering great comfort and durability.

You can either use it for roller derby. The pad turns out so you can remove foam and easily wash them.

It is little bulky still provides a high level of protection. 

It has interchangeable plates, and the straps stay in place. This gear is worth every buck, the removable V-22 Dual Density Foam is comfortable.

best skateboard knee pads

It is designed from ballistic nylon for durability, and the Open-back butterfly strap design fits perfectly. They are made of durable material that stays for longer time.

They are bit bulky which restricts movement and rubs on the skin.


  • Butterfly strap
  • Interchangeable plates


  • Bulky
  • Hard substance on skin

Overall it is lightweight, comfortable and durable product. The cushion provides protection for multiple hard impacts. 

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