How to Maintain and Repair a Skateboard?

In this article we will focusing on "how to maintain a skateboard" but lets first point out some of the achievements this sport is gaining recently. “Skateboarding will also be a part of the next Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan” – This news is enough for the global skateboarding fans to represent their skating skills.

It is generally popular among youths from a long time before. It is an art form, a recreational activity, a method or a job of transportation. It can be easily understood as a sport involving riding a skateboard and performing tricks. As per a study in 2009, there were about 11.08 million active skateboarders from all over the world with the annual market revenue recorded as $4.8 billion.

how to maintain a skateboard

What is a Skateboard?

It is a sports equipment a narrow wooden board with wheels on its 2 ends. A skateboarder drives it by pushing it from one foot while keeping the other one on the board. In this way, a skateboarder moves with the board. They perform different tricks and activity while flipping it or jumping from it having both the feet in the air and so.

Since skating is a sport of risks while doing tricks on skateboards so the possibility of its wear and tear will be obvious. However, via this post, we’ll try to help skateboarders to understand and learn the DIY tips and tricks in order to maintain and repair their skates. Hence they would not need to depend on anyone to resume their Fun.

How to Maintain a Skateboard

First, the important part that needs care is the wheel. The bearings should be checked and serviced regularly or even when the driver feels any jam while skating. It will take about 15-30 minutes to get it done. You just need a household oil, replacement ball bearings, bicycle grease, and rags. Also, you make sure to have tools like pliers, 2 small adjustable wrenches, and a screwdriver. Your focus is to check wheels bearings that should be lubricated every few days but don’t over grease to avoid dirt. If required replace the bearings with the new ones by detaching the wheels off the axle.

how to maintain a skateboard

Quick Tips on Repairing a Skateboard

After wheels, other parts that need attention are the Skateboard deck and truck. They can be fixed in the following way;

  1. In case the deck is chipped or cracked: First, you need to clean the surface of the skateboard by removing the old grip tape using a razor or a hair dryer. Now you can easily see the cracks or chips. Get a good epoxy from hardware stores and apply on them. Let the epoxy dry for about a day. Finally clean the surface again using a sandpaper and apply the new grip tape and you are done
  2. In case the deck is not balanced: In such case, you need to remove wheels and trucks from the deck first. Then let the deck to be immersed in water for about a night. Next day take it out of the water and place a heavy and flat object on it for the next 24 hours. Your problem will likely to be solved.
  3. In order to repair trucks: Take the help of a crescent wrench and take off the kingpin nut, then the washer, proceeded by while rubber bushing. Next, detach the hanger from the pivot cup. You need to add a small amount of bar soap to the pivot cup and then reassemble the whole thing back!

    Skateboarding as an action sport keeps on evolving with time. Right from 1970, there is a special skateboarding park available for aggressive skaters, Freestyle BMXers, scooters, and normal skateboarders. This sport is however even controversial in some areas due to damages to steps, stonework, parks, plazas, curbs, and etc. while doing the skating actions. It is energetic, risky but at the same time fun and thrill!

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