What are the Essential Accessories used for Skateboarding? (Updated 2018)

Riders always care about and enhance the look of their favorite commuter. It can be either a Bike, a Car or a Skateboard. Some fanatics want their skateboard to look unique and exciting enough that one should never quit riding. A skateboard without any accessory is just like a pizza without topping. Following are some of the best collection of must to have accessories to modify your skateboard:

  • Board Blazers: First we’ll talk about the most useful and essential accessory on a skateboard, i.e., Skateboard blazers. These are LED glowing beneath the skates. It is of much help to ride skates at night especially in traffic. Without using stake blazers, it’s challenging for a skateboarder to get rid of any accident since others can’t see you. Also, it can help you to amaze your friends while you are staking at night.

  • Sunglasses: Next important thing that should not be overlooked are the sunglasses. Just like Blazers provide safety at night, sunglasses can help you much to be safe from direct sunlight in your eyes. Sunglasses can also help you to prevent your eyes from insects while you are riding on skates. Additionally, this accessory will add style and smartness to your look.
SkateBoard Accessories
  • Deck Guard: After your safety next you must think about the safety and proper upkeep of your skates. You can get nose and tail guards for your skateboard’s deck. Helpful enough to enhance the life and even to maintain a proper shape of the deck. So you can save your deck from cracking, chipping and breaking which is often common without using guards.

  • Wheels: For any commuter, wheels are necessary, since they are the ones based on which the quality of your ride matters. So having an extra set of wheels in your skateboard is like a bird having new wings to fly.

    However, while choosing a wheel, you need to make sure the size of the wheels you are installing on your skates. If you like to do stunts a lot and need good acceleration on your skates, then go for smaller size wheels. Else, you should go for big diameter wheels for the long run with little effort and good speed.

  • Stickers: If the skating is about style, fashion and to impress others then you should have funky stickers both on your helmet and skateboards. It adds a unique look to you while riding skates. Many skaters personalize their skates using labels. You can also prepare some custom stickers to stand out of the crowd.

Accessories are always of much help to enhance the look and safety of both rider and skateboard. However, you need to take care while choosing the accessory for your skateboard. Different people have different tastes, and so various accessories for them are available in the market. You never know, by using which wrong skating accessory might result from you in the accident or any damage to your skateboard. Yes, it happens, since not all accessories will suit you!

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